Hip Replacement



Hip replacement surgery is considered when a patient’s hip joint is worn, causing significant pain and reduction in mobility

The damaged hip joint
is replaced with an artificial implant.

Total hip replacement is considered one of the most successful
orthopaedic interventions of its generation, with most people
experiencing pain reduction and improvement
in their range of movement.

Conditions that can cause hip damage include:


Rheumatoid arthritis

Hip fracture

Septic arthritis

Hip Replacement Recovery Process

After undergoing hip replacement surgery, patients can expect discharge within one to two days. While immediate relief from hip joint pain is common post-surgery, patients may experience discomfort from the procedure itself, which diminishes gradually over the course of a few weeks. Continuous improvement is evident throughout the first year following the procedure, ensuring a seamless transition to improved mobility and an enhanced quality of life.

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Pricing of Hip Replacement Surgery

I offer various hip replacement surgery options, which include the following pricing structures:

Conventional Hip Replacement surgery: from £14,276 (Price correct as of May 2024)

Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement: from £15,632

For detailed pricing information please contact the Nuffield Hospital on 0141 530 7354.

Hip Replacement